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Refined Coconut Oil - RBD 675ml [ G5 ]


  • Marina RBD Coconut Oil is refined without using hazard chemicals (such as caustic soda) & only using only physical (steam and vacume) refining processes.
  • Marina RBD Coconut Oil does not contain any impurities and is guaranteed safe for consumers and it contains monolaurince which help to maintain the body’s natural immune system.
  • Marina RBD Coconut Oil is produced from quality Coconuts, converted into Copra (dried meat or kernel of the coconut), using an innovative Cold Process, instead of the traditional kiln-drying system. This reduces the risk of PAH( Polly Aromatic Hydrocarbons) risk.
  • Marina's in-house ultra-modern laboratory facilities assure the quality stability and safety of products right up to end of consumer use.
  • Marina Is ISO 22000/HACCP and Halal Certificated, the worldwide recognized standards for product safety.
  • Marina RBD coconut oil offers special assurance that it is processed free from oxidization and has paroxiade value virtually zero.
  • Marina has compiled for the use of public information a set of medical research papers on coconut oil which has been published by reputed medical journals across the world, in order to provide a indepth understanding of the benifts of coconut oil to the humanbody.

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    • Model: 675 ml / Bottle
    • Manufactured by: Marina - Cherubium Lanka

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